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5 Best Podcasts for University Students

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Listening to podcasts is a great way to relax, bring yourself some entertainment while you’re carrying out chores, and keep your mind active when you’ve had enough of books. As well as searching for podcasts on topics that pique your interest, you can use them to enhance your studies, gain advice to cope with the challenges of being a student, and prepare for life after graduation. You have a huge number of podcasts to choose from, but a few stand out as the best.

1. The Inforium

For tips about navigating everything from classes and student loans to creating an active social life and meeting your personal goals, The Inforium is the place to go. The hosts started the podcast as College Info Geek while they were students themselves but continued making episodes after they graduated due to the huge success of the podcast. After more than 300 episodes, they changed the name to The Inforium and expanded into discussing even more topics. All the advice is based on the hosts’ real-life experiences and is unscripted for a spontaneous, fun feel.

2. Ted Talks Daily

As a student, it’s important to seek out opportunities to learn new things whenever you can. Ted Talks Daily will inspire you with new ideas to bring to debates, class discussions, and your papers and generally increase your understanding of the world. Whatever your interests, there are sure to be episodes you’ll enjoy.

3. The Career Growth Podcast

As you near graduation, you need to start thinking about your future career. The Career Growth Podcast can provide you with useful information you may not encounter elsewhere, such as how to connect with leaders in your field, coping with anxiety when starting a new job, and how to position yourself as a top candidate when you lack experience. Many of the things you’ll learn can also be useful for internships while you’re still at university.

4. Becoming Wise

For something short you can listen to while you prepare a cup of tea or coffee, try Becoming Wise. It’s ideal to fit into your morning routine, as the conversations with fascinating people give you the chance to reflect on how to make each day meaningful. Although the podcast is no longer releasing new episodes, there’s a back catalogue of almost 40 you can listen to.

5. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

If you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur after you graduate — or perhaps even starting a business while you’re still at university — Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders is a podcast you need to listen to. The weekly episodes are interviews with leaders from all sorts of industries, who discuss what they’ve learned by bringing their disruptive ideas to reality.

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