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Student Rentals Waterloo

Student Rentals Waterloo

King Street Towers is upscale student housing located close to Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Waterloo. This premier student community offers a variety of room rentals with deluxe furnishings and amenities. Becoming a resident in this high end property guarantees a very satisfying student life from the moment you start your university years up to the time you graduate.

 Premium Waterloo Student Housing Rentals

When looking for quality off-campus student rentals, Waterloo’s finest apartments can only be found at King Street Towers. Housing units come in 3, 4, and 5-bedroom apartments, all of which have a modern interior design and neutral colours.

Each student’s bedroom has a simple yet sophisticated layout that inspires focus and relaxation. There are bedrooms for single tenants, while others are shared rooms that can accommodate two students. Shared rooms are ideal if you have a sibling or a close friend that you would like to live with, and every bedroom has its own toilet and bath.

Fully Furnished Student Apartments in Waterloo

If you are looking for premium quality student apartment rentals in Waterloo, nothing compares to the student housing provided by King Street Towers. All of the apartments are designed to give you privacy when you need it, as well as the opportunity to enjoy spending time with your roommates and guests.

The bedrooms, living area, dining area, and kitchen are complete with furniture and modern appliances, carefully chosen to be both functional and stylish. Ceiling to floor glass windows are present in the bedrooms and living area, allowing sufficient natural light during the day and providing a wonderful view of Waterloo’s city lights in the evening.

Inside the bedrooms, there is a full-sized bed, nightstand, wardrobes, desk, and chair. Each student can rent a bar fridge for $90 a year (this fee includes delivery and installation fees). The bar fridge is tailored to fit inside your vented armoire so you won’t have to take up extra space.

Unlike most student apartment rentals, the living areas in King Street Towers are fully furnished with a wall-mounted flat screen TV, entertainment stand, sofa, coffee table, and end table. The kitchen and dining area are also complete with a built-in dining table, chairs, wall-mounted cupboards, under sink cabinets, a full-sized refrigerator, electric range, microwave oven, and dishwasher. We have an on-site, self-service laundry facility, as well.

Upscale Indoor and Outdoor Student Amenities

What sets King Street Towers apart from the other Waterloo housing rentals for students are the indoor and outdoor amenities that add significant value to your quality of life.

Dedicated areas for study and academic activities such as group study lounges, can greatly motivate students to spend more time studying and working with their fellow students on group projects. Having these amenities on-site fosters the students’ drive to learn and this may lead to a better academic standing, overall.

We also offer a variety of amenities for recreation, health, and well-being, including a 24-hour recreation centre, fitness centre, a room for yoga, a sauna, and even a rooftop patio. The recreation centre is equipped with various games that you can enjoy with your friends, such as billiards, ping pong, foosball, poker, and video games. The fitness centre is open 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, so you can workout at any time that your schedule permits. The rooftop patio with fire pit is a great spot for enjoying quiet evenings outdoors. The yoga and sauna rooms provide the perfect space for relaxation.

Pet Friendly Off-Campus Housing Rentals

Although you may be very excited to start your university life at Wilfrid Laurier University or the University of Waterloo, you might also be quite anxious about the idea of having to leave your pet behind. Fortunately, King Street Towers is one of the very few student housing rentals in Waterloo that allow pets.

Finding the Right Roommate in Waterloo

Staying in an off-campus housing community can be lonely and even stressful if you are sharing your apartment with students who don’t share your interests. To assist you in making sure that you have a happy living situation here at King Street Towers, our roommate matching service will help determine which students have similar lifestyle preferences and interests.

If you are looking for excellent off-campus housing in Waterloo, we will be glad to give you a tour. Please call us today to make an appointment: 519.279.6700.