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6 Must-Have Items for an Organized Student Apartment

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Students have a lot of belongings but minimal free time to dedicate to tidying up their apartments. To help you stay organized, here are a few items you should have during your time at university.

1. Damage-Free Hooks

Take advantage of the vertical space available to you with hooks. Since you need to be careful not to damage the walls in your apartment (to avoid losing your security deposit), make sure you find damage-free hooks. Large wall hooks are ideal for keeping your jacket and backpack near the door, whereas smaller wire hooks are perfect for putting in your closet and other spots around your apartment. You can use them for all sorts of things, including cleaning supplies, grocery bags, and jewelry.

2. Entryway Organizer

You may also like to keep small items near your front door, such as your keys. With an entryway organizer, you’ll have a few small hooks as well as a dry erase board. This is perfect for writing your roommates notes — whether you need to leave them important messages (such as to let them know you won’t be around at the weekend) or just want to write friendly greetings.

3. Picture Hanging Strips

To make your apartment feel like home, you’ll want to cover the walls in decorations. Again, you’ll need a solution that doesn’t cause any damage. Picture hanging strips are ideal, as they’re strong enough to hold all your favourite photos, some artwork, and a mood board. You may also like to use picture hanging strips to secure a whiteboard above your desk, where you can write your schedule, upcoming due dates for assignments, and other things you need to remember.

4. Wall Caddies

It’s common for spots around your apartment to become littered with small objects. This includes stationery on your desk, cosmetics on your vanity, and personal care items around the bathroom sink. Stop these from cluttering up surfaces and make it easy to find what you’re looking for with some wall caddies.

5. Cord Organizers

If you have many devices on your desk, you may find that their cords tangle together. The last thing you want when you’re rushing to class is a tangled mess of cables. The solution is to use cord organizers. These bundle your cords up and allow you to tuck them out of the way or attach them to the wall next to your desk. You’ll also find this prevents damage to your cables, meaning they last longer.

6. Wall Clips

Although not technically a necessity, a student apartment is never complete without some string lights. Prevent them from falling down and making a mess by securing them to your walls or ceiling with some clear decorating clips.

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