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8 of the Best Careers for 2023 Grads

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If you’ll be graduating soon, it’s important to think about the career you’d like to pursue. This will ensure you’re choosing the right classes, learning other key skills, and applying for appropriate internships. If you’re unsure about what exactly you’d like to do, a good place to start is considering the best careers for grads in 2023.

1. Project Manager

The majority of organizations have at least one project management office — in other words, project managers play an important role in the business world. Another reason is the varied work keeps things interesting. You’ll need to come up with creative ideas for projects, lead a team, and solve problems as they arise. Finally, many jobs are hybrid or mostly home based, although there tend to be plenty of opportunities to attend work events abroad.

2. Human Resources Professional

Another department you’ll find at most organizations is human resources. In recent years, human resources has become more important because companies now need to navigate the challenges of remote, hybrid, and contract workers. You should consider a career in human resources if you have excellent communication skills, you like solving problems, and you enjoy being part of a team.

3. Nurse Practitioner

Healthcare as a whole is growing, but in particularly high demand are nurse practitioners. After becoming a certified nurse, it’s possible to progress in your career, including by specializing in a certain area.

4. Data Scientist

Data influences decision making in virtually every sector, meaning that, by becoming a data scientist, you can choose a path that resonates with you. There are a number of different data science roles, but all tend to involve strong math and statistics skills, basic coding, and an understanding of data modeling.

5. Digital Marketer

A career that has only existed for a few decades at most is digital marketer. The field is dominated by young people, which can make it an exciting choice for grads. It requires a great deal of creativity to come up with effective campaigns; plus, you’ll often be turning to data to make decisions. You’ll also need an understanding of online advertising, search engine optimization, and other key concepts.

6. Financial Manager

Companies need to ensure they’re investing their money wisely and often hire a finance manager specifically for this purpose. To become a finance manager, you should have a good understanding of risk management, be able to communicate your ideas (including in presentations), and be familiar with the issues that affect your business — in addition to possessing numerical skills.

7. Network Security Professional

The last few years have seen massive increases in cybercrime incidents and associated expenses. Businesses are realizing they need to be proactive to prevent attacks — which means hiring network security professionals. To enter this field, you may need to complete additional certifications in addition to your university degree.

8. Machine Learning Engineer

Another option for students specializing in IT is in machine learning. More businesses are hiring artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers to stay competitive. You’ll need to have an advanced knowledge of programming languages and artificial intelligence algorithms as well as good statistics and probability skills.

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