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A Guide to Using Social Media to Build Your Career

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Despite the huge amount of interesting content that hits social media every day, it takes effort to create high-quality content. You already know this if you’ve tried to keep to a content creation schedule in the past. Despite the challenges, though, creating content could be worthwhile. In fact, if you’re committed, you could use social media content to build a career while you’re still at university — here’s how.

1. Choose a Topic You’re Passionate About

The only way to make sure you stick with your content creation is if you pick a topic you find fascinating and that you’re an expert about. This will keep you motivated, mean you never run out of ideas, and ensure you are able to talk with authority.

2. Pick a Niche Area

Once you’ve decided on a general topic, narrow it down to a niche. You might think it would be best to choose a broad topic to attract a wide audience, but this will mean you’re competing with a huge number of other content creators. Of course, the niche should be broad enough for you to be able to continue creating content in the long term. The last thing you want is to run out of ideas and find yourself having to change direction after establishing an audience.

3. Find Time for Content Creation

Your social media content may well become a profitable side hustle or even a full career. However, while you’re still at university, your priority needs to be your academics. Dedicate a reasonable amount of time to content creation without sacrificing other aspects of your life. This could mean creating a schedule for content creation tasks. Some tasks may only require a few minutes, meaning you can fit them into the gaps between your classes.

4. Persevere Through Tough Times

When you start out, you may receive little attention for your content. This is because social media algorithms give greater visibility to content creators with large followings. As with any other career, you shouldn’t expect to be at the top of your field when you’re just starting out. Try to enjoy the process and celebrate small wins. If you’re creating content that people do want to consume, you’ll eventually develop an audience — but that will take time and perseverance.

5. Post Consistently

Set yourself a publishing schedule to ensure you maintain an active presence on the social media platform you’ve chosen. Bear in mind that you may have more time to dedicate to content creation some weeks than others. Plus, you may suddenly feel inspired and be able to create a large amount of content at once. Use this to your advantage by saving some of the content you create to publish later. This will prevent you from having gaps where you publish nothing for a long time.

6. Push Yourself to Be Creative

Look for inspiration in different places. Being active in the community related to your niche should help you come up with many ideas. In addition, it may help to save ideas you find online and check out what kind of content other people are creating — even if it’s completely unrelated to your topic, it may inspire you.
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