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Benefits of Living Off Campus

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Deciding where to live will have a major impact on your life after school. On-campus housing is always a popular choice, but if you prefer independent living and want to make the most out of your university experience, then off-campus housing is the answer. Here are some reasons why living off campus is the better option.

Have lots of privacy

There’s no room for privacy in a dorm where anyone could barge in at any moment to disrupt study time. Renting an apartment is better because they’re quieter and have fewer distractions. There’s also room for socialising if you want some company.

Enjoy more space

Can’t breathe in that cramped dorm room? Now is the perfect time to transfer to a student apartment. Most University of Waterloo off-campus housing accommodations come with private bedrooms, living area, kitchen, and storage. They also come in multiple floor plans, so you can select one that best fits your needs.

For example, King Street offers 3, 4, and 5-bedroom apartments that all have spacious bedrooms and common areas. Finally, you’ll be able to bring all of the books you left home, or restart your prized collection without worrying about storage space. Check out King Street’s floor plans for more information.

Take advantage of amenities

Another benefit of apartment living are amenities not found in dorms. At King Street, you have access to study lounges, yoga studio, laundry space, bike storage, parking, and on-site maintenance.

Choose a roommate

Choosing whom to live with in a university dorm is next to impossible. So if you room in with someone who has a completely different personality could make things uncomfortable for both of you. You have more flexibility with off-campus housing, where you get to room with people you know you’ll get along with. If you don’t know anybody, King Street currently has a roommate matching service to come up with the perfect match for your roommate.

Enjoy freedom

Dorms are notoriously known for their restrictions and curfews that you have to follow to the letter. There’s also a resident advisor that will enforce and ensure you’re following rules. While apartment living isn’t as restrictive as dorm life, you still need to keep the noise level down and be considerate to your roommates.

Explore life outside

Living on campus doesn’t give you a lot of options, while off-campus housing has everything you want just across the street. Our University of Waterloo off-campus housing is very near restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, parks, and various establishments so you won’t have to go very far if you want to explore a new place to eat or shop for essentials.

Learn important life skills

Apartment living comes with responsibilities that will teach you life skills that are useful later on in life. You’ll learn to clean up after yourself, cook your own food, share expenses, and pay bills on time. You may even learn something new about yourself in the process, like how much you enjoy developing and perfecting your own recipes, or how talented you are at decorating the house.

Living off-campus enriches your university experience, and will help you prepare for life after you graduate.

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