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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Tidy Student Apartment

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It makes sense that spring should be when you do the biggest cleaning of the year. Not only will it make you feel better to refresh your apartment after the winter, but you’ve also likely accumulated a large amount of junk by this point in the school year. Plus, you need to switch from a cold-weather wardrobe and bedding to the things you need for warmer weather — and moving your belongings around tends to reveal that your apartment is dirtier than you released. The good news is there’s no need to dedicate more than a day to achieve a tidy student apartment with these steps.

1. Wash All Your Laundry

It may take a few loads, but it’s worth washing everything in your laundry basket as well as all your bedding and towels. Your apartment will feel much tidier if nothing is still waiting to be washed.

2. Store Winter Clothing and Bedding

If you live close to your family home, you could use a trip one weekend to take back the clothing and bedding you won’t need again until after the summer. Alternatively, use storage containers that fit in the bottom of your closet or under your bed.

3. Declutter

Go through all the items lying on your desk, floor, and shelves and empty your drawers. Throw out anything you no longer need and find a permanent place to keep items that are taking up space. Once you’ve cleared all these surfaces and the floor, dust with an all-purpose cleaner and vacuum. You may need to move a few more items as you go along to dust effectively, such as your desk lamp, books, and other possessions that belong on your desk, coffee table, or bookshelves.

4. Throw Out Expired Food

Check your kitchen for food that’s no longer edible. It’s worth removing everything from the refrigerator and cabinets to wipe down surfaces before you put all the food that is still good to eat back.

5. Empty the Trash

If you had a lot of junk to throw out, you may have accumulated several bags of trash at this point. Take them to the dumpster before continuing with the rest of your cleaning. This will help your apartment to start looking tidy, which can keep you motivated to push through to the end.

6. Clean the Bathroom

Use your all-purpose cleaner again to clean the entire bathroom. Spray and wipe down every surface, including mirrors to make them shine.

7. Disinfect Other Areas of Your Apartment

Roommates and visitors easily spread microbes by touching things like door handles, light switches, and remotes. Give these a spray to complete your spring cleaning.

Keeping your living space clean is much more difficult when you’re sharing a dorm room. For off-campus University of Waterloo housing where you’ll have your own bedroom, there’s King Street Towers. We even offer a roommate matching service to ensure you live with someone who has a similar lifestyle to you. Book a video tour to see why living here will make your time at university even better.

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